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UNION EXECUTIVE CIMB represents Executive Officers (grade 35) & Assistant Managers (grade 36) of CIMB BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD. We are the sole- representatives for this class of officers in dealing with collective bargaining with the Bank.

We invite all officers of this grade in the Bank to join us. This will enable us to be stronger especially now with the new merged entity between Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad (BCB), CIMB and Southern Bank Berhad (SBB).

Whatever problem you encounter at work, Union Executive CIMB is here to address it. We can represent you on any matter relating to terms and conditions, disciplinary, grievance matter, training, health & safety.


Message from the Founder of the Union

I would like to congratulate the President, Secretary and all Exco. members of the Bumiputra – Commerce Executive Staff Union for the timely move to set up this Website. I consider this a far-sighted move. It is in line with the industry’s best practices to bring its members closer and to ensure speedy reach of information across all levels in the most effective manner. I note the key role and effort of Ng Peng Ho and his team in initiating this website.

I am deeply honored to be invited to write on the union’s beginning and the energy that sparked its early formation.

It was during the time of United Asian Bank Bhd that this union was set up on 27 January, 1988 and named “United Asian Bank Officers Union”. News of the move to set up this union sent shock waves across many levels of the staff, and this was followed by several informal meetings and dialogues. Despite subsequent meetings between the pro-tem committee and the officers to seek their views to reconsider their move to set up the union, the officers were firmly committed in the belief that the setting up of this union has to be realised, and the pro-tem committee secured a unanimous mandate to take all expeditious steps to ensure the union is registered by the Director General of Trade Union. .

The offices wanted a systematic approach to voice their views with crystal clear terms and conditions of employment, and aimed at amicably forging industrial harmony. With differing terms and conditions of employment existing, the officers felt there was no formal method for redressing grievances at that time.

Finally there was light at the end of the tunnel when the union was formed. Especially so when the first Collective Agreement was concluded within one of the shortest time frame in history, and the terms and conditions were regulated. With the fruits of our labour realized, a strong working relationship was established between the management and the officers.

I must emphasize at this point that it is of paramount importance that union leaders display the highest professionalism and work ethics towards enhancement of productivity. The union was often seen offering guidance to its members encouraging better work discipline, and encouraging members to deliver the highest standards of service to the bank’s customers, to enhance shareholders value and bank competitiveness.

I am pleased to note that the union leaders today have acted in the best interest of industrial harmony even though there has been several changes of guards over the years. I wish the union success in all its endeavors. With the dedication and conviction to best practices, I trust you will succeed in promoting a high level of productivity, securing better and more competitive benefits for your members, going forward.
I extend my very best wishes,

Harcharan Singh Gill Founder - Secretary

Harcharan Singh Gill
Founder – Secretary


Mohd Zubir Balber Bin Abdullah


Wan Mohmad Faisal Bin Wan Hassan

Vice President

Ng Peng Ho-General Secretary
Ng Peng Ho


Sabri Bin Bakee

Assistant Secretary

Shahrim Bin Sidek


Khairul Nizam Bin Rashid


Faidzulsham Bin Kamaruddin


Noor Azam Malek Ibrahim


Siti Hajar Binti Abu Bakar


Aziyan Bin Sulaiman


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